Your Cost Under Obamacare
Millions of Americans will cough up billions.
You can't tax people into good health... but you sure can fine them to death.
In just a few short years, millions of Americans will be subject to huge penalties for the new crime of not having health insurance.
Welcome to ObamaCare, comrades.
The Congressional Budget Office estimates that 4 million people will be hit with ObamaCare penalties by 2016, and 3 million of them will be firmly in the middle class.
These are individuals with incomes below $59,000 a year, and a family of four with a combined income of under $120,000, all being forced to pony up an average fine of more than $1,000 each -- 2.5 percent of income, with a $695 minimum.
The fines begin to take effect in 2014, and by 2017 the feds think they can raise $4 billion a year from them. That's money they'll use to pay for health care for people who don't work nearly as hard as you do... including the fence-jumpers.
That's right -- obey and pay. Break the law, and benefit. It's a redistribution of wealth AND health.
But there's a way out for the rest of us too, and I've found it.
This part is going to get me into trouble, but I don't give a rat's tail. I've done some careful digging and found a loophole so big you can drive an ambulance through it.
If you don't have health insurance, you have to report it to the IRS, which is supposed to collect your ObamaCare fine.
But unlike taxes, it has no actual power of enforcement over this. If you don't pay, they can't file a lien and they can't bring criminal charges against you.
As of this writing, there's not a thing the IRS can do to make you pay that fee.
Got that? Good.
Remember, there's nothing more American than civil disobedience.

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