Obamacare, Doctors, & The Hippocratic Oath

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What does Obamacare mean for you?

William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.
ObamaCare And The Looming Doctor Deficit

ObamaCare hasn't even kicked in yet and we're already facing our first crisis -- and no matter who you are, this one will hurt you in a big way.

In less than two years, some 30 million currently uninsured Americans will get their first taste of health insurance -- the insurance you're buying them.

Aren't you generous?

I'll get to the hit your wallet's about to take in a moment. But forget the money -- if you can -- for a second and think about 30 million Americans all out doctor-shopping at the same time.

Where do you think they're going to look? Hint: You might want to book your 2014 physical now -- because the lines at your doctor's office are going to make the ones at Disneyland look short.

Remember, making doctors isn't like making mechanics or bankers or fry cooks. We can't magically pump out more in two years, three years or even five years.

It takes a full decade of medical school and training before you can turn a doctor loose on patients. And while ObamaCare calls for the training of some 3,000 new doctors over the next decade, there's already a massive shortfall right now that's about to get worse.

It's so bad that the Association of American Medical Colleges says we'll be 62,900 doctors short in just three years. Even without ObamaCare, that shortage would hit 100,000 by 2025.

With ObamaCare, that "doctor deficit" will approach or exceed 140,000 doctors by then.

Making matters worse, a full third of today's doctors are 55 years old or older, according to the New York Times. They're getting ready to retire -- and you can bet even the ones who aren't thinking about quitting will hang up their stethoscopes real fast once they see the growing lines and shrinking reimbursements.

I wish I could tell you there's a light at the end of this tunnel, but there isn't one. All I can say is find a good doctor NOW and have a good relationship with him.

More importantly, make sure you're in tight with his front office staff, so you can get an appointment when you need one. Don't be afraid to send flowers and boxes of candy if you have to.

But that's just ONE of the problems you'll be facing shortly. There are others starting to kick in already -- including a kick right in your wallet.

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The Hidden Cost Of 'free' Healthcare

ObamaCare isn't just going to raise your taxes, although that's certainly part of the equation. It's not just going to raise insurance premiums, although that's certainly part of the equation, too.

It's going to raise the price of virtually everything.

Remember, 30 million people are getting insurance and YOU'RE the one getting stuck with the bill -- and that bill will come due in the form of a higher cost of living. After all, most of the money to pay for the "free" healthcare will come from employers -- and so employers, in turn, will have no choice but to raise prices.

John Schnatter, aka "Papa John" from the pizza company, expressed this in his own clumsy way not long ago when he said he'd have to charge between 11 cents and 15 cents extra per pizza to pay his company's share of the ObamaCare fees.

Naturally, the pro-ObamaCare dimwits laughed and said they'd gladly pay a measly 15 cents for a Papa John's employee to get healthcare. But let's see who's laughing when they realize it's not just 15 cents extra for pizza.

It's extra money for everything.

Sure, in some cases it'll be pennies, like 15 cents a pie. In others, it'll be dollars. But you can bet it'll all add up to real money real quick -- and I don't know about you, but I don't know too many people who've gotten pay raises lately.

I do know plenty of people who live on fixed incomes, though -- and they can barely pay for groceries as it is, much less healthcare for 30 million people.

You see, ObamaCare isn't just expensive. It's unsustainably expensive -- and it will bankrupt the nation.

But first, it'll bankrupt you.
Obamacare Is
Obamacare is a disguised means for the government to take over one-sixth of the entire US economy.
The government -- politicians, unelected officials, & bureaucrats -- will determine if and when you will be allowed to receive medical care.
Health care is the secondary objective for the Obama administration. The administration's primary objective is to control Americans. The individuals in charge of this administration and in Congress are not subject to Obamacare's rules, procedures, regulations, and rationing of resources.
Under Obamacare the American health care industry will operate inefficiently as do most government agencies. There will be massive fraud, incompetence, and bureaucratic problems. Americans will learn to expect rationing of care. Soon everyone will know someone who died because he did not receive health care.

Do you know which health insurance denied coverage more frequently to more individuals than any other insurance plan in 2009? The correct answer is Medicare. I knew that.
I did not know that.

Do you know that Obamacare increases taxes immediately, but does not start to provide healthcare benefits until 2014? I knew that.
I did not know that.

Have you heard that the Congressional Budget Office determined in mid-2012 that ObamaCare will cost $1.76 trillion over its first ten years. Obama's estimate was half of that amount, $976 billion. Yes, and I realize that this will bankrupt the USA as it has several European nations.
No, I did not know this.
1.  How familiar are you with general health and medical principles? Familiar with advanced scientific principles
Familiar with basic scientific principles
I am currently studying the sciences
I forgot most of what I barely learned
I was never really too interested

2.  Are you concerned about the availability of healthcare insurance for your family?


Not at all

3.  Healthcare insurance should be available for all employees of all businesses at reasonable rates.


4.  Healthcare insurance should be available for all poor people and be paid by the government. Agree

5. I am concerned about the quality of healthcare -- specifically the caliber of doctors, nurses, hospitals, and educational institutions. Agree

6. These days many people believe that healthcare costs are going to continue to increase.  In your opinion, what area or areas are causing costs to increase? Drug industry
Insurance providers

7. Does your employer pass healthcare insurance cost increases on to employees? Yes, my employer has increased the amount or my share I pay
No, my employer has not increased the amount or my share I pay

8.  Do you feel employers are justified when they increase the portion of healthcare insurance premiums they make their employees pay? Yes

9. My healthcare is paid by: Me alone
My employer -- fully
A share by me & my employer
I am not insured

10. Healthcare should be insured by private companies that know the insurance industry. Agree

11. Healthcare insurance should be fully provided by the government. Agree

12. Healthcare insurance should not restrict the patient to specific doctors and hospitals. Agree

13. The Family Medical Leave Act: Is great for us.
We got along without it & would not use it.
Makes it too easy for employees to cheat their employers.
I don't know what it is.

14. Healthcare is an important presidential campaign issue. Agree

15. Healthcare is an important congressional campaign issue. Agree

16. In your opinion, why haven't we seen substantial healthcare insurance reform?

17.  I am: Female

18.  My age group is: Under 10 11-19 20-29 30-39 40-49
50-59 60-69 70-79 80-89 90 & over
19. How did you find AskHealthQuestions.com? Wall Street Journal Just looking around the Internet A friend
USA Today Business associate Search engine
A News magazine A blog named: Linked from:

I live in the following country or state:

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