Biometrics Survey
Biological ID, Specifications, Characteristics, Controls & Tracking
Biometrics identify specific characteristics of an organism.  The identification, categorization, classification, and mass storage and retrieval of these characteristics will be used to identify living creatures. Characteristics include DNA, and structural formats of organisms such as retina formations. These characteristics will soon be used to identify and qualify people for entry, passage, and other security-oriented situations. Please help us identify public opinion and acceptance toward using biometrics by answering this survey. Your opinions and thoughts regarding the use of biometrics is appreciated.
Biometrics -- that is, your person biometric information -- will be included in passports, drivers licenses, medical records, and will help quickly qualify patients for medical procedures such as organ transplants.

1.  How familiar are you with the concept of collection of biometric data? Familiar with the concept
I heard something about it
I hadn't heard about it
I don't have any idea
I read the explanation above & still have no idea what it is

2.  Biometrics will be maintained in secure databases.  How willing would you be to have your biometrics information cataloged? Very willing
Somewhat willing
Not willing at all

3.  For what types of functions might you be willing to accept biometrics use? Office building security
Air transportation screening
Medical procedures
Banking & other financial transactions
Any others?

4. Do you think biometrics could be effective in preventing terrorism? Yes
Yes, it sounds specific enough to work

5  If you were familiar with biometrics before reading this survey, please indicate where you heard about the concept.

6.  Do you believe that biometrics can be totally accurate? Of course totally accurate
Somewhat accurate
Probably not totally accurate, but enough to make them useful in many applications

7.  Do you believe that biometrics can be totally secure? Of course, totally secure
Somewhat secure
Probably not totally secure but secure enough to be used in many applications

12. Please list any concerns and questions you have about biometrics as they might be implemented.

13.  I am: Female

14.  My age group is: Under 20 20-29 30-39 40-49
50-59 60-69 70-79 80 & Over
15. How did you find Wall Street Journal Just looking around the Internet Newsgroup
USA Today Business associate Search engine
A News magazine A blog named: Linked from:
I live in the following country or state:
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